Monday, 6 July 2020
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Karystos schist

Karystos schist was born like marble million years ago in the bowels of the earth and subsequently emerged on the surface. It belongs in the category of the transformed stones. Transformed stones are coming from the transformation of sedimentary or igneous materials when they found under new conditions of pressure and temperature. The change of the physical conditions has as a result the creation of new web or the formation of new fossils, which will lead in the change of the mineralogical composition of the original rock.


By having access at the best karystos stones deposits, we are in position to offer grate variety and top quality products to cover every construction need. The company is currently own two quarries from which we excavate all types of stones. The quarry in the area of Agia Irine is famous for the big and durable pieces of stone that it offers. The second quarry is located in the area of Melissonas close to the mountain of Ohi. The advantage of the specific quarry is the quality and the beautiful colors of its stones. Our quarries are operating all the periods of the year. The volume of the stone that is been excavated it depends from the orders and the demand of the product.

Restoration program

Above all is our respect for the environment and for that we execute restoration programs in the area of the quarries. Specifically the program includes, first the coverage of old, non active quarries with special composted soil and second the plantation of the area with trees and bushes that previously existed in the region.